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It's OKAY to Ask for Help

Caistor food bank sessions run on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am to 2pm from the Caistor Methodist Hall on Chapel Street in Caistor.

We offer a range of produce and emergency staple products including tinned, ambient and fresh foods, and we have a full Covid restriction framework which is followed by all our volunteers.


We are here to help local people in crisis get back on their feet - people who may be referred by specialist agencies such as social services, GP surgeries, schools and care centres, or simply people who have found themselves struggling particularly at this time. 

We realise deciding to approach a food bank can be daunting, however everyone is dealt with respect and confidentiality. Sadly due to necessity, food bank recipients should be prepared to bring proof of furlough, benefits, or eligibility for support etc. However, this can be talked through on a first visit to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

We are delighted to have been so positively received by local residents.

Each week we gratefully receive donated produce and goods from local businesses and members of the public.

Find out how to donate, see our current Easter Egg campaign or  subscribe to our GoFundMe campaign.

We welcome volunteers for a wide range of roles at the Food Bank including...

  • Bag Packing

  • Home Deliveries

  • Stock Control

  • Administration

  • Donations

  • Publicity

Every volunteers is valued and appreciated, because we know without volunteers we couldn't function.​

Sadly, the need for food banks is increasing.


Last year, well over a million emergency food packages were given out to adults and children in need. 


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in the UK and across the region, many people including local families face difficulties getting enough food to eat.


CAFA and Caistor Food Bank supports the new Caistor Community Chatty Cafe Scheme

June 2021

CCC logo.JPG

Following the overwhelming support to introduce a Caistor Community Cafe, specifically focused on encouraging socially secure interaction with people who have perhaps found themselves particularly isolated during the Covid restrictions; CAFA, is working with the Coop's community team, New Springs Church and Caistor Methodist Church to offer a regular cafe arrangement for people to meet, chat and gently socialise.


It is hoped that the cafe will also have local groups and clubs come to offer and share their activities.

All residents and their children are welcome to pop in for a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drink and perhaps even a slice of cake...! What better way to meet new friends and socialise with other residents in the community!?

The Caistor Community Cafe is looking to open on Friday, 23rd July 2021.