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Caistor Food Bank is available to any local resident who needs food and who is in crisis and/or have financial restrictions.

Our service is run completely by volunteers and trustees, who give up their time to make the service sustainable.

Caistor Food Bank is currently made available on a bi-weekly basis to those who are in ‘food crisis’. That is, they have no food and no money with which to buy food.

Need is assessed by professionals from local agencies, clinicians, social services and local church leaders. However, if necessary, we will also supply emergency food parcels on direct request on an individual case-by-case basis.

The objects of the Food Bank are to support the community of Caistor and the surrounding areas by:

  • Provision of (as far as possible) nutritionally balanced and culturally appropriate food free to people in hardship or distress who are referred to the foodbank by a network of agreed referrers.

  • Providing signposting information to local advice and information services for those in crisis and/or difficulties.

  • Promoting co-operative working and social cohesion.

These are incorporated in the food bank’s principles:

  • The Caistor Food Bank Foodbank will be run entirely for the benefit of people in and around Caistor who need emergency food aid.

  • The Caistor Foodbank will not be aligned to any faith group and will be non-judgemental.

  • The Foodbank will provide short-term emergency food packs to help people in immediate need but will also aim to help people resolve the problem which led to becoming a CFB client.

Caistor Food Bank is a registered - Charity No. 1200542. The Trustees abide by our agreed constitution.

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